Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck



Mandarin ducks are totally emo*. What makes them that way? Love. LOVE. LOVE. Mandarins are almost always seen in pairs, a female and a male together. In Chinese tradition, it is said that if the ducks get separated (for instance, if one dies) the other could die from the grief of losing their partner.  And THAT is super emo. The male Mandarin duck is also super emo because it has that “Flock of Seagulls”/arty/angsty look: “sail” feathers raised vertically above the back, a crest of orange and cream feathers, black and white stripes, and gets more colorful during breeding season.

Mandarins, though originally found only in Eastern Asia, can now be found in Japan, Great Britain, and a few spots in the US.  They are doing ok because they don’t taste awesome to humans and they look so cool. This seems to be a really great evolutionary trick: if your species wants to survive along side humans, be fun to look at and taste terrible (although, humans will eat just about anything, so maybe I’m wrong here. . .).


Least Concern



1990s: short for emotional hardcore .